“We’re Going to Chile!”   Soon we leave to start our “30 Days of Adventure” in Chile where we will be trekking and climbing into UNEXPLORED territory. Read, See & Watch as we trek the Valdivian rainforest and climb some of the world’s tallest trees.

It’s Like a Victorian-aged Exploration in Modern Times!


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as we take you on

30 Days of Adventure to CHILE!

[and then on to Costa Rica, Argentina and a secret location!]

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Expedition Leader
“Ms. Make-it-Happen”
  • Multi-talented 100%
  • Tenacious 87%
  • Spirited 73%
Costa Rican Compadre
“Mr. Rugged”
  • Charming 100%
  • Strong 92%
  • Big Smiles 76%
Chilean Compadre
“The Daredevil”
  • Curious 97%
  • Joker 82%
  • Athletic 68%
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