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Being an Explorer and Photographer, I invite everyone to read, see, and watch as my team and I explore cultures and sights around the world. We are living an adventure for you to experience vicariously. Adventure travelers planning your next trip – read along and we’ll give you some ideas! Armchair adventurers who want to live our experiences – do so from the comfort of your home!

During our adventures, we participate in every activity possible. We visit  a variety of regions and cities of the country, explore  every adventure activity available,  assist  with projects making improvements in areas of concern, offer  travel advice, inspire  change through our activities, create  a directory of recommendations, and share  everything here through this website.

You will get to read, see & watch a Victorian-era exploration happen in modern times!

Loxley Browne aka “Ms. Make It Happen”

What Is Your Goal In Traveling? To quench my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

How Many Breaks? I started climbing ladders, trees, buildings…anything that I could from the moment I could walk. The funniest is the story of me tugging at my dad’s pants leg two stories up a ladder as he was working on the barn, I wasn’t quite a year-old. The scariest places always seem to be the safest for me and my worst falls in the easiest of places. When my horse and I both went down, my total number of bone breaks went over the 10+ tally. I guess those years of ballet and gymnastics gave me a bit of training in how to handle the falls gracefully. A year after that bad tumble…I got back up on the horse again.

Join us…be involved with the next entire expedition from the minute we start planning! We will share our experiences here and tell stories that will make you laugh, squeal, cry, snicker and scream in anticipation. This is not for the faint-hearted. This is a Victorian-era exploration that is happening in modern times!

Have Wifi…Will Travel!

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