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Have you ever seen food that was so beautifully crafted that it looked like art?

Not the worn-out (cause I’m tired of seeing it) instagram of “this is what I’m eating right now” picture on Facebook, but food that you can digest with all of your senses?

The cheese got me. I stopped dead in my tracks in a swarming crowd of hundreds while we were walking through the outdoor weekend market in Bordeaux. At this point, the guys were wishing there was a balloon tied to me, like parents do with their children, just to make it easier to find me in the blurry mass of people.

As I stood there snapping pictures I could better understand the love of French food. The enjoyment that goes into consuming it. Why there were hundreds of people along the river drinking wine and eating the food that they had chosen from the different stalls in the market. I was falling in love with the lifestyle.

And in my very American “must rush and see it all” mentality that was our scheduled calendar for the day, we finished our leisurely stroll through Bordeaux and pointed the car in the direction of Medoc. I had a few Chateaus to view that day also. Cheese and wine…not a bad Sunday afternoon!

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