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I have always been the one who believes you should live out your rocking chair dreams and not just talk about what you could have done when you reach lacksidasical old-age laziness.

Now do you understand why I have so many fantastic stories to tell?!?

Have you ever collected all of your random thoughts of things that you would like to do and compiled them into one long list? I have! To give you some insight of things that I would like to do, see and experience along this adventure (and throughout my life), read through this long and ever-growing list.


  • have a black tie date for no reason at all (I do carry an evening gown with me at all times)
  • adventure with the world’s best known daredevils
  • be a part of the biggest tomato fight
  • be a backup singer in a band
  • chase a sunset in an private airplane
  • trek Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (#4 in prominence of the Seven Summits)
  • drive a race car on a track…doesn’t necessarily have to be during a race
  • fly in a fighter jet
  • have dinner with Richard Branson
  • see one of my photographs hanging in a museum
  • go to Switzerland and reenact a scene from the Sound of Music
  • be one of the guests on Top Gear that races a car
  • go to the symphony in Vienna, Italy
  • stomp grapes in a vineyard
  • watch the bulls run in Pamplona
  • ride in a gondola
  • see the Northern Lights
  • watch a sunrise in the most spectacular setting
  • chase butterflies
  • talk to the Dali Lama
  • dance like Fred & Ginger with my man
  • spend a week lounging at the treehouse in Hawaii
  • stand at the top of an Aztec ruin
  • visit the Pyramids
  • go on a safari
  • get a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • drive on the autobahn
  • spend the night in a castle
  • visit Nottingham Forest
  • meditate at the Deprung Loseing Monastery in India
  • go skiing in the Alps
  • float down a lazy river
  • ride horses and act like a cowboy at an estancia in Argentina
  • go skiing in Chile (when everyone I know is living through a hot summer)
  • do something important for someone
  • walk in a field of flowers
  • send a kid to college
  • learn how to salsa
  • have dinner with royalty
  • go on a hot air balloon ride somewhere over Europe
  • watch a very intense European soccer match (in the stands)
  • go to Casablanca and renact a few scenes from one of my favorite movies
  • be in Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix race
  • sing a duet with Barry Manilow
  • walk on the great wall of China
  • spend a weekend on a yacht
  • go hang gliding
  • whitewater raft through the Grand Canyon
  • have a supporting actor role in a movie
  • be a spokesmodel for a company (or two, or three)

Hell yeah! These are done!

  • visit Spain again
  • have immigration tell me that I’m not allowed back into a country (Nepal – for the rest of 2012)
  • interview & photograph a famous Buddhist monk – Khenpo Ngawang Jorden & His Eminence Tertön Namkha Drimed Rabjam  Rinpoche
  • live at a monastery
  • go to Nepal
  • find the end of a rainbow (it ended at the Boudha Stupa in Kathamandu, Nepal)
  • go to a foreign country to work (Hong Kong, Bali, Nepal, Spain)
  • take an extended vacation (did that in Bali!)
  • write a song (or two)
  • be the mom to the best dog in the world
  • make a difference in a kid’s life
  • write a book
  • design something spectacular: home, product, fashion, furniture, art
  • was told I was “freaky hot” by the three members of “Boys to Men” while I was at Sol Kerzner’s birthday party in the Bahamas
  • sneak into a SEC playoff game (LSU vs. Ole Miss 2007)
  • walk the catwalk in a fashion show

Start writing your list! It is fun to dream and even more fun to cross off the things you have accomplished!

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