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I'm a believer in magical happenings. Serendipity. Good Luck. Falling Stars.

To find out that the fabled Wishing Tree existed and was here in Hong Kong was sheer excitement for me! It was the second day of the Chinese New Year and I decided to go visit the fabled Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees in the New Territories.

According to the information I read, "these Wishing Trees are located in the village of Lam Tsuen, which dates back more than 700 years. Down through the ages, local villagers made pilgrimages to these sacred trees in the hope that their wishes come true." My wishes are big and exciting this year. Thinking this would be the best way to help make them reality (sometimes hard work needs a magic push too), I made the easy journey north from Kowloon.
I hope all of your wishes come true during this year of power and wealth, strength and vitality. The year of my magnificent Dragon.


Here are more Chinese New Year festivals that I visited too...

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