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I asked the direction of the local village and looked in the direction where his finger was pointing.

“Hmmmm” I thought to myself, this could make for an interesting morning. It was mentioned that we would have to ford a river, cross over a few hills, walk past a couple of farms and would then be on the road that would take us into the village. I put on my wellies, grabbed my camera, and Carolina and I took off towards the village.

I was so glad to have an adventuresome friend by my side. You see, I speak no French.

Fording the river was not a big hazard. The only concern was making certain not to step in spots that were deeper than our boots would allow. Walking around with water in rubber boots is no fun, trust me, I’ve done it many a time. In cold temperatures it is NO fun!

The mud from the cold, wet spring was the biggest hazard. The kid in me was dying to go jumping through it all; the adult in me held me back…I already get enough crazy stares from the locals out here in the countryside. No need to add another “crazy American” tale to their list!

One wrong turn, directions from the ladies who walked past, a few minutes of walking in the direction they pointed us and we saw signs of life. The old, rusted out car, the main street through the village and the quaint, stone church. The village of Le Croisty.

Walking back towards the Village of Keursten I had to stop Carolina for a picture. You can’t really see it through the trees, but the three building village is there at the top of the hill. Our final destination!

The nip in the air made me happy to be back at the cottage. A hot cup of coffee and my laptop and I was in heaven sorting through all of the images that I had snapped on the walk. Everything that I experienced could be translated into designs and color inspirations...the layers and colors of the moss on the trees, the lazy winding road, the layers of buildings. It was time to get to work!

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