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To get to the top of Victoria's Peak on Hong Kong Island I could have undertaken a very labor-intensive walk, but instead chose to be lazy and ride up on the Peak Tram.

A hundred of years ago, my ride would have been in a chair carried on the shoulders of two men.  Today it is a vintage looking train car that is pulled up the steep slope by a cable. Yes, a cable. I realized that after looking out from my window seat and seeing the cable of the descending car. Call me crazy, but I didn't know that the old cable system was still in use. Of course, I didn't even think about the mechanics of it all, but being the geek that I am I had to read up on the technical information when I got home.

If you want to take a ride on the tram you can purchase tickets at the Garden Road Terminus.

A round trip ticket is $40 (in 2012). If you only want to be partially lazy, you can buy a one-way ticket for $28 and walk back down. It runs from 7am till midnight and leaves every 10-15 minutes. I'm not a lazy person, but I would suggest taking it up.

A few Peak Tram Factiods:


  • The Peak Tram was opened for public service on 28 May 1888 by the then Governor Sir George William des Voeux.
  • The Peak Tram's route from Central district to Victoria Peak covers a distance of about 1.4 kilometres and a height difference of just under 400 metres.
  • It took three years to build the Peak Tram, as much of the heavy equipment and rails had to be hauled uphill by the workers, who had no mechanical support.
  • The Peak Tram was a revolutionary new form of transport to Asia at the time, and when the tramway was finally completed it was considered a marvel in engineering.

That moment on the tram when it almost felt as though I was lying down due to the angle of the hill, I was glad that I had not chosen to walk up. I would definitely suggest taking the ride!


The view from Victoria Peak is breathtaking!

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