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I went out for a walk this afternoon. One of those clear my head and get myself back into focus pep talks. It was a great afternoon.

...I got lost in my love affair.

I love that I walk out the door and immediately look up to gaze at the architecture and details. That around each corner and down each path is another beautiful building that captures my eye.

I love seeing a handsome man walk towards me, wearing a suit with a very distinctive European cut, a bright pink tie against his bright blue shirt, catching his eye, passing him, and smelling the waft of his cologne.

I love seeing the same beautiful white police horse make the rounds past the Opera house. The policia staring at me with such intensity wondering why I am staring at them with this hopeless look of love. The horse and I in an eye lock sharing that mutual admiration that only horse people understand.

I love walking through the gardens at the Royal Palace. Hearing the accordion from the street performer making a sweet melody in the background while the chatter of languages from all of Europe provide the light lyrics completing the strains of music.

I love more than anything watching all of the older gentlemen holding the hands of their ladies. It’s not just the “I’m here with you and beside you” handhold, the glances that are exchanged are the “I will always be here for you” knowing looks.

I love feeling the crisp, cold air as I see the spectacular burst of the sun behind the palace. Sunbeams bursting out that make me stop in my tracks just to gaze in wonder at the beauty. I love how the colors of the onion-domed roof in the distance stand out against the dark gray cloud that has floated behind it.

I love walking past all of the little mom and pop shops and seeing them thrive, the door bell jingle-jangling as customers walk in and out. Then walking into my wine shop and getting a hola from the eyes of the owner as he sees me squeeze in behind the crowd to wait my turn. More than anything, I love that a delicious bottle of Spanish wine cost me all of a euro and a half.

I love coming back to the flat to write and work on photographs. I love this work-live-share career (life) of mine.
This is the best love affair I have had in all of my entirety. I think I’m in love!

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