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On the farm where I grew up, tools would get broken every season.

One of us would be working on something, the handle would break, a whole gushing of language that would make a seasoned sailor blush would be screamed loudly and the broken tool would be heaved to the side.

At the rose garden that I visited the broken tools were actually used in a very shabby chic way to designate the foliage. From old axes to broken shovels, a good use was being claimed from an object that would have been tossed aside at my old homestead.

My favorite just happened to be the old wine barrel hoop that was being used to keep the tall (and easily bent) flowers standing at attention.

Most everything can be recycled. I’ve become craftier about getting multiple uses out of something or buying an item that can be used in multiple ways since my bag has to remain under 23 kilo. If you know of any interesting ways to “relife” and object, share it with me. It might come in handy while I’m traveling!

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