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We drove into Riberac as the day was ending and looked around for interesting things for me to photograph. The cathedrals in the small villages are always a must, so we parked the car and started walking up the hill towards the church spires.

When I spotted the graveyard and mentioned that I wanted to go in, I got a look of "is this woman crazy?!?" We pushed at the gate, it swung open and I stepped in to a photo wonderland! I know, spooky, a bit intrusive on a strange foreigner level but ohhhh, the abandoned beauty of it all!

The crypts had decorative plaques across the top. A few had the typical tombstones that we Americans are accustomed to seeing, but there were not that many.

Which gave a beautiful effect, I even tried reading them (and learning more French), but then it made me start to wonder how many bodies were inside the crypts!

Then I spotted the sunset going down behind an intricate iron cross. So I stepped up on ledge to get the perfect alignment. I try to be graceful when I'm taking picture. I was like a spider with legs everywhere trying to balance myself to get that shot!

As we wandered taking pictures I saw crypts of all sizes and decorative finishes. I think my favorite may have been this one made of glass. Gave it a more delicate feel. Or maybe it was the greenhouse for the crypt next to it. It has a very angelic look to me.

A few of the crypts looked completely abandoned, as though they had not been visited in decades. To me, it added to the mystery of the surroundings. Who were these people? What were their families? Where had their sons and daughters gone?

Of course I had to peek inside.

The view across the horizon of the tombstones, church spires and village rooftops was the exact reason I had wanted to venture inside this ancient, abandoned-looking graveyard.

Exploring in old rundown ruins gives me the same wonderment that light up children when they see a playground. I took so many great pictures that evening. You'll see more if you are a part of the MINE! art buyers.

I always look for cathedrals and numbers to take pictures of when I visit European villages. I think I will have to add graveyards, zombie searching and vampire spotting to my list also!

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