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I stood there staring. It truly was the strangest thing I had ever seen.


Even though I have told everyone that I would try most anything, this...not so much! You should have seen the market vendors face as I stood there with my scrunched up face trying to figure it out. Is it? Was it! Yep....dried duck heads. I know duck neck may be a delicious delicacy, but looking at them lined up in the basket on her table was making me a bit queasy!
I wandered around the market looking at food. I love to cook and the one thing that I have noticed in the few days that I have been here is that everything seems to revolve around food. Most of the shops are overflowing with kitchen items, there are several restaurants on every block, food stands on every corner and open markets in every neighborhood.
When traveling in Europe, I was always delighted to see something out of the ordinary in a market window. Here I am seeing a surprise one every block.

I considered getting a frog, kissing it and seeing if Prince Charming would magically appear, but I think the cosmos have something else planned for him. Possibly dinner on someone's table tonight!
In a big splash, I looked up to see a waterfall of fish coming out of the back of a truck.

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