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It was time for me to leave Bordeaux and venture out to see other regions of France. I had fallen in love with the city, the wines, my new friends, but the rolling stone (moi) was gathering moss and it was time to get moving again.

I was dropped off at the train station minutes before my train was to leave. With my small knowledge of the French language, I made my way to the correct platform, had a very sweet older man try to help me carry Big Green up the steps (with the assistance of a second fellow we made it up the steps) and I made my way to my seat. Breathing a sigh of relief, I settled in to enjoy the train ride.

We pulled out of the station and started picking up speed.

As we passed over the Garonne River I said a silent good-bye to one of my favorite places.

We started making our way north through Saintes, Rochefort and the other small towns on the French coast into stations that were a visual feast for me as I hurriedly snapped pictures from the train car.

And past ginormous windmills with the largest wings making lazy loops in the sky.

Six hours later I rolled into Lorient, France. I was told that the darkness of the night was not robbing me of pretty village vistas - the entire town had been blasted to bits during the war and had been rebuilt.

Later that evening we arrived at the itsy-bitsy village of Keursten and the rose garden where I would be spending my last two weeks in France.

I woke the next morning, grabbed my camera and took my first walk about the property. The first flower to greet me was a tiny, little yellow thing.

The next two weeks are going to be filled with roses, flowers and views over the Bretagne countryside. I can't wait to go exploring!

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