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It was the first time I had heard complete and total silence in more than 9 months. I stood there on the ridge and looked out across the Himalayas. I think I was as close to heaven on earth as I could possibly get.
I pulled out my camera and started filming.
The entire trek back to the village was in complete silence. For me it was almost like a walking meditation. It was incredible.

When we made it back to the house that afternoon I was energized. Glistening in a very adventurous Southern Belle fashion, but I could have taken on another big hill with no problem. Here they call them hills, where I'm from we call them mountains!
I honestly can't wait to come back next year and take on Everest....or at least the trek to South Base Camp. Mingma, whom I will be visiting in Lukla when I return next year, has already told me that he has seen grown men cry as they stand there and look out across the horizon at Everest and all of the range that surrounds it. I'm betting it will have the same affect on me as the Grand Canyon. The hills are alive with the sound of silence and I LOVE it!
I'm wrapping up things here at the village and heading back into the "city." I can't wait for a long, hot shower and my own not-so-soft bed (that is the one thing that I truly miss from the plush, comfy bed).

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