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As the taxi drove me from the Madrid airport to the flat near the Royal Palace was squealing with excitement over sites that I recognized.


The taxi driver just recognized me as a crazed American. I was okay with that. My chattering away in English had him raise an eyebrow at me a couple of times. When I last visited Spain I fell in love with the architecture, the people, the fashion...and my love has not changed!

So I will show you some of my loves through pictures.


Because there is a crisis happening in the country now, there are some making their voices heard. I happened upon the group of Franco supporters. I had no idea what they were shouting (yes, I have been remiss in learning Spanish due to working too much), so I continued along through the garden.

And happened upon the invisible man. Ahh, to have that superpower! I was also lucky to snap this picture of a street performer just seconds before he moved. I loved how small he looked compare to the Royal Palace.

The tunes serenading all of us were provided by the talented trio who had attracted a huge crowd.

But I slipped away to follow my curiosity and see what was around the corner. To my wandering eyes what would appear? The Royal Palace and all the people in the square!

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